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Tophur: New Mix…

So, you may remember Tophur from the interview he did for me a week or two back.  Well, he released a new remix yesterday, just in time for Halloween.  It fits in pretty well actually, being a dark, screamy remix of Underoath’s ‘Illuminator’.

This tune is rather different to the stuff I’ve heard from him before and somehow it seems more ‘polished’, more of a finished product.  Tophur’s production skills are improving rapidly and I’m proud to bring you;

Illuminator – Tophur remix

Here’s his Youtube profile, check out his other stuff; http://www.youtube.com/user/iCgalz


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PuppyKilla introduces… TOPHUR

So here we have it…  The first of Puppy Killa’s exclusive interviews!!

Tophur is an artist I found through the wonder that is Youtube.  He is 18 years old and is originally from west London, although he currently resides at Portsmouth University.

He first got into Dubstep / D’n’B after hearing Pendulum.  He was using Cubase in his music lessons at school and fell in love with making music after playing around with FL Studio at home.

He states his influences as; ‘skream, benga, jakes etc. etc.’

Favourite breakfast cereal; He doesn’t eat it.  Madman!!

This is his favourite track, ‘Shutdown’…  ‘It is one of my more chilled out tracks, and one of my more unique songs.’

The rippling bass and gentle beat make for easy listening.  Not exactly a party banger but a good Sunday morning recovery track.

This next tune is the first I heard of Tophur and the reason I approached him.  It’s a remix of Linkin Park’s Crawling.  Another slow paced, chillout type track.  Although it feels a little unfinished it’s still a beautiful track…

This is Tophur’s top-rated track with 115,000 views on Youtube.  Another remix, this time of Linkin Park’s Numb…

Next up we have a D’n’B track.  Faster paced than the previous beats but still with a distinct chillout feel.  Heavy weekend?  Need something a little soothing to ease your headache?  Tophur is your Sunday morning man…

Finally, here is a darker Dub called Vibes.  Probably my personal favourite… Love the picture too 😉  Womp womp womp…

So there we have it…  I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of ‘Puppykilla introduces…’.  More to come in the near future!

Be sure to subscribe to Tophur’s channel and check out his other tracks…  http://www.youtube.com/user/iCgalz


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