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PuppyKilla introduces… POTE

I went on Youtube on Saturday morning and the guys at Dubloads had uploaded this video;

I uploaded that and then went in search of Pote.  Luckily I managed to catch up with him and have a little chat…

Name: Sylvern Mathurin

Age: 16!!

Location: North West London

How did you get into Dubstep production?

‘I got into Dubstep because a friend was showing me some Dubfreaks tracks and she told me to start producing Dubstep, so I did.  This was around 4 months ago… before that I use to produce house and trance music from the age of 14 untill earlier this year (2010).’

Which artists influence you?

‘Where as most big dubstep producer’s influecenes are people such as Skream, Benga, Mala etc, my influences in Dubstep were people like Dubfreaks, Datsik, The Widdler, Jakes and Joker more than anything else. Then I started listening to Benga, Skream and Mala classics to get a full idea of where Dubstep came from and what I should be aiming to produce.’

So which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

‘To be honest, I have no favourite track from myself and I pretty much like all of the tracks I make.  I’ve been told that my latest tracks are the best by miles, you’ll have to subscribe to my Youtube channel and have a listen when they are out.’

Any shout outs?

‘Big shout out to the Dubfreaks team, my girlfriend who inspires me to keep on going and the group of friends from school, they know who they are.’

There we have it… 😀  Now let’s take a look at a few of his other tracks.

This is his latest tune, uploaded on Sunday.  Nice relaxing hangover track, suited perfectly to the Sunday afternoon upload.  According to the comments, this is nothing, better tracks are yet to come…

This next tune just mangled my brain.  There is a crazy mix of sounds in here laid over an almost Grime-style beat.  One of the most original tracks I have heard for a while…

I’ll leave you to discover the rest of Pote’s creations for yourself.  I would definitely recommend subscribing to his channel as each new upload seems to be better than the last!

Youtube; PoteBeatz

Facebook; PoteBeatz



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