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PuppyKilla introduces… MESSIAH

So, yesterday I brought you DJ D3VIL all the way from the USA, today I bring you Messiah who hails from Belgium.  We’re getting all international and shizz.  I’ve come across Messiah a few times during my many hours spent searching for good tunes on Youtube, it seemed to take forever to get hold of him, but I managed it eventually and here is his interview…

Name : Bram ‘ Messiah ‘ Degryse

Age : 17

Location : Kortemark, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

How was it that you got into music?

‘Well, I think everyone’s born with music.  I think ‘ How you got into dubstep’ is a better question.’   (Sorry boss – PuppyKilla)
‘And that’s an old tale, told by storytellers, bards & drunks.   Full of fairies, late nights on energy drinks & cigarettes, and LOTS of screwfaces.’  (Hmm… Cryptic – Me again)

Okay then, so who/what influences you?

‘Any music that has a good beat to it, mostly dubstep though.
If I had to name a few artists, well… Dayn, 16 Bit and most of all Datsik.’

Your personal favourite of your tracks (and why)?

‘I’d have to choose my remix of ‘ Like A G6 ‘. ‘
It just sounds so tight . Many people say it is my best track, and so do I.
It has decent mastering, good synths & lots of drive.’

Anyone you want to give a shout-out to?

‘I have to shout out to Dubtimus Grime, he had a lot of influence on where I am right now.  I’d never have gotten into dubstep that deep, if it wasn’t for him either.  Also big shoutout to Neek Filippelli, he in times when I really needed it.  He’s also the proud owner of FuckYeaDubstep (one of my promoters) and a top boy at Wipe Me Down Records, where I’m signed at.’

Anything else you’d like to add?

Be sure to check out my Facebook Page & YouTube Channel?

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/themassivecrash
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/MessiahDubstep/166244123395271

‘Peace, Messiah.’

That’s enough chit-chat, it’s time to get down to the serious stuff, the Dub!

Firstly, I’ll post Messiah’s favourite track, ‘Like a G6 – Messiah Remix’.  I hadn’t heard this remix until right now, so this was a first for me too.  After playing it through a few times (I’m on the fourth listen) I have to agree that this is one of Messiah’s biggest achievements.  It’s got a funky, badman kinda feel to it.  The bass is deep and although the beat is slow, it’s still aggressive.  Absolutely love it!

(I had to use DubtimusGrime’s upload because Messiah’s violated Youtube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.)  Ha ha.

Next up is Messiah’s oldest video ‘Be Forgot’.  It’s an absolute banger, trust me.  You can definitely see the progression he has made from here to ‘Like a G6’ but there’s no doubt that this is pure filth…

Messiah did an interesting thing a while back, loading a track which was half Dubstep, half Clownstep.  He wanted viewers to choose which one they wanted him to finish.  As far as I know, neither have been done yet, but I don’t care because this is just brilliant…

Lastly, I’ll give you his ‘Bad Faith’ EP Promo video…  Four tracks, two of which are available on his Youtube page, two that aren’t.  It’s ok though, you can get the other two on a free download, just open the video on Youtube and click the link in the description box.



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