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PuppyKilla introduces… REIKA

I first heard about Reika back in October 2009 when the guys at UKF Dubstep put his track ‘Rabbit Rounds’ on their channel.  He was 15 at the time and for someone of that age the production was incredible.  I’ve been loosely following him since then and the other day I found him on Facebook and approached him for an interview.  He got back to me within the hour with this…

Archie Willis (Reika) , 16, Brighton UK

How did you get into music production?

‘Well in 2008 I was really into grime music, I wrote down a few bars myself and recorded a few tracks.  I was 14 then so you imagine what that turned out like!  Seeing as I wasn’t any good at that I decided to get myself FL studio 6 and see what I could get down.  What i came out with wasn’t much good but it was a start.  About a year after I started producing I got an IMac and Reason, got into producing dubstep and still do it now.  Recently I’ve been using Logic Pro rewired with Reason.’

Which producers influence you most?

‘The main producers that have influenced me are; Benga, DZ, Chasing Shadows, The Others and Plastician.  I get inspiration from listening to all genres of music, whatever i hear influences me in one way or another.’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite?  Why?

‘I’d say Scruface Scarface because out of all my tunes it stands out as the most powerful and I’m happy with the mixdown because of that.’

What have you been working on recently?

‘I’ve been making Hip Hop instrumentals lately, just as something different because I felt like I was running out of ideas for Dubstep tunes, but after this I’m going to have a go at doing a Dubstep remix of  ‘Like a G6′.’

Anything due for release?

‘Yeah, very soon I will be releasing a free EP called ‘Long Walk Off a Short Pier’ which will have a mixture of Dubstep, Hip Hop and DNB so look out for that!’

Any shout outs?

‘Mr Sleepz, Mr Strong, Dexx, MFrk, LDouble, Samson, Kelz, Stewbeats and Norton…  There are just too many to name, this lot have all helped me become the producer I am today, big respect to them all!’

‘There you go mate, good luck with the blog 😉
Take it easy.’

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Archie’s favourite track ‘Scruface Scarface’ on Youtube or Soundcloud 😦 I’ll try and get a link to it and post it at a later date.

First, I’m going to put up ‘Rabbit Rounds’, the first Reika track that I ever heard.  The production is amazing considering that Archie was only 15 at the time.  This was posted by UKF Dubstep promotions.

The rest of the tunes that I’m going to put up are from Archie’s Soundcloud which he started about 6 months ago.  If you search on Youtube for Reika you can get some of his older stuff which is equally sick.

Next up we have his latest track, it’s one of the hip-hop instrumentals he mentioned in the interview.  It’s not all that exciting, I mean, it’s made to have vocals put over it but the production is solid.  It would be awesome if Reika could find an MC to spit on this, it would definitely be a banger on the UK Hip-hop scene.

A D’n’B offering from Reika next.  The drop in this is quality!  I’m still amazed at the production quality of all the tracks…  Reika is going to go far, no doubt about that.  This is ‘I Wanna Know’…

For the last track, I thought I’d take it back to Dubstep.  This is my favourite track of the ones available on Reika’s Soundcloud page.  Some classic filth and wobbles!  There’s a sweet vocal sample on there too which finishes the track off nicely…

So there we go.  Be sure to keep an eye out for his free EP ‘Long walk off a short pier’ due for release soon!  Here are his Soundcloud and Facebook links;

Reika on Soundcloud
Reika on Facebook

Show him some love people!

Take it easy, keep it filthy.



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PuppyKilla introduces… S Dot Beatz

A while ago I added Anthony ‘Rinse’ Clark on Facebook in the hope of grabbing an interview with him (which hasn’t materialised as yet).  Soon after this guy S Dot Beatz sent me a friend request, I took a look at his tunes, liked them and now here he is..!

Name: Samuel ‘S Dot BeatZ’ Hazell
Age: 18
Location: South East London, UK

How did you get into music?

‘I got into music in 2006 by simply hearing about this program called “FL Studio”. I then went home and downloaded the free trial version. I never needed any tutorials or anything, I just messed around with it and it all started coming together.’

Which artists inspire you?

‘I am inspired by great artists such as Isley Brothers, Stargate, Oak, Dr. Dre, Maestro, James Fauntleroy, MaddScientist, The Underdogs and Lex Luger.’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

‘My favourite song that I’ve produced is my new promotional single “A Little Thing Called Love” (FT. Bluey Robinson, Joon Jukx & Nasar) because it has been the most loved song by the fans.’

You want to do any shout-outs?

‘I’d like to say a big thanks to all my fans!’

‘Shout out my guys Joon Jukx, Tevin Scott, Young V, Young Ike, Skyer D, SRE, Nasar, VANDAL Clothing and of course Puppy Killa – the best blog on the internet.’

‘Follow me on Twitter @SDotBeatZ’

So, lets kick things off with S Dot’s favourite track…  This is his latest one and it features Bluey Robinson, Joon Jukx and Nasar.  This is ‘Little thing called love’…

Next up is my favourite of his tracks.  Mainly because I love the original and the production on this one is tight.  This is ‘Fast Car Remix’…

This next one was the first track I heard from S Dot, it features Nasar and has an old skool hip-hop feel to it…

Lastly we have a radio recording of Tinie Tempah spitting a freestyle over an S Dot beat.  Given Tinie’s status in the game now, this is pretty awesome…

Be sure to check out S Dot’s Youtube channel; http://www.youtube.com/user/SDotTV



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