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IKK – Christmas Mix..!

I killed Kenny have brought out a new mix!  I have to say, it’s fucking awesome!  Uploaded to Soundcloud 2 hours ago, this is as fresh as you’re going to get it!  Enjoy!

(Read IKK’s interview here)



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PuppyKilla introduces… SISYPHUS

I heard about this guy by talking to Prime (check out Prime’s interview here).  I took a look at some of his tracks on Youtube and for some reason they have very few hits.  I couldn’t understand it as although some of his tunes seem a little simple, there are also some absolute bangers mixed in there.  I got in touch with him, asking all the usual questions and this is what I got back…

‘My name is Will Rees, I’m 19 and I’m from South East London, but I’m currently at Sussex university.

I’ve been writing songs since I was 12 and producing all different genres since I was 15.  Whilst I haven’t produced dubstep in a while, I’ve been working on a more ambitious project, which is still needing vocals.  I’d be very greatful of course if my name was spread.  My favourite dubstep song is Euphoria, but there is more to be heard here:


A personal favourite is Lost In My Own Little Galaxy, my flatmate did the guitar solo for me and we’re both very proud of how the track turned out.
I’d like to shout out to Prime, who is a fantastic dubstep producer, and actually is my best friend.
That’s all I can say for now, so thanks very much.


I was going to post the two tracks mentioned by Will but they’re not really like his other stuff and don’t really fit in with the usual stuff I post on here, so I changed my mind…  Ok, so the real reason is that WordPress was pissing about and wouldn’t let me embed Soundcloud tracks on here for some reason, but shhhh.  Screw you WordPress.  Follow the link included in Will’s piece to hear them.

This is the track that really caught my eye.  It’s called ‘Withoutness’ and it was posted onto Youtube back in April.  For some reason this has only clocked 73 views in 7 months.  I have no idea why, it is awesome!  It’s got an Electro-style backing and a fairly simple sounding beat but then this unmistakably Dubstep bassline kicks in and just takes the track to another level…

Next up is ‘Clouds’.  A very soothing track, more D’n’B.  It’s very relaxing but still bouncy (if you get me?)…  Jesus, just listen to it…

The last two tracks are going to be everyone’s favourites, I know they are.  That’s why I’ve saved them.  ‘Up’ comes next and has the best quality production of the lot.  It’s nothing particularly special but you just can’t help nodding your head.  This could definitely be remixed into a much dirtier track but it’s pretty cool as it is…

Lastly, we have ‘Pussy’.  This is the one that is going to catch everyone’s eye (or ear).  It has a dirty name and vocal sample in the intro which always amuses the 15 year old kid trapped inside us all.  It also includes a sample of a woman moaning which is… nice?  The bassline is much darker than the other tracks and this has quickly become my favourite track from Sisyphus…

There we have it.  How this guy only has 19 Youtube subscribers is beyond me….  The link is below, get locked in.



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I Killed Kenny – Addicted to you remix

You may remember these guys from the interview they did for me a few weeks back.  Anyways, they’ve remixed ‘Addicted to you’ by The Count and Sinden for a competition and I thought you guys might like to hear it…


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PuppyKilla introduces… DJ D3VIL

I thought it was about time I started looking a little further afield…  Although I’m definitely a big supporter of the UK scene, there are some brilliant acts to be found abroad too.  This guy was on my Facebook friends list, I don’t remember how he got there, but I’m glad that he did!  Hailing form the US of A we have DJ D3VIL..!

Name : Jonathan Jones

Age: 22

Location: Los Angeles, California

How did you get into music?

‘Well, I’ve always been a creative person but I never imagined myself becoming as fully immersed in music production and sound design as I am today.  Music has always been apart of my life.  I remember the earliest music I grew up on was late 80’s music; Bobby Brown and other “New Jack Swing” artists.  That later progressed to the 90’s.  It was all about Westcoast Hip-Hop back then.’

‘When I was around 15, one of my Asian friends sold me a mix CD of some Techno & Trance artists he got from Napster.  I started listening to those genres “heavily” around the same time one of my best friends let me borrow his new “Ps2 music based videogame called [Frequency]”‘

‘Yeah….. that’s where it really started.  Frequency was created by the same company that created “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band”.  It was an early Online Social Dj/Remix & Production video game based on activating notes on a specific track (Drum, Bass, Synth, Vocal, Guitar, FX, etc..).  The game taught me how to produce different genres & basic song structure.  People always ask me the origin of my name… and its funny because my name comes from that game too!  I had to create an online identity and logo in the game and happened to stumble upon a logo that looked like an animated devil, so I tweaked it a little and signed on as “DJ D3VIL”…..it just Stuck..  I still keep that name today honouring where my music career all started.’

‘I originally went to college for graphic design but I stared to feel more and more creatively “caged in” everyday I went to class.  After about a year and a half of aimlessly following the “normal” high-school to college routine a voice just hit me: “this cant be right!?……right?”.  I needed a proper creative outlet and I wanted my art to touch the masses.  So I said to myself; “I can go the music route, but if I do, there’s no turning back..” I had to go all the way.  By then I had progressed from making music on a video game to real hard & software through internships, various label jobs, recording studios and eventually building my own small home recording studio producing Dubstep and Electro house.  Yeah, I its defiantly been a progression through the years.’

Who influences you?

‘Right now, I get a lot of my influence from artist like Deadmau5, Benga, Rusko, Wolfgang Gartner, Kanye West, Datsik, Crispy, Caspa, Skream, Feelix, Felguk, 16 Bit, there are so many more…  I think I’m the only one that can actually listen to any genre of music without bias.  So, I guess that gives me the upper hand because I take ideas & techniques from different genres and “mix it up”.  Its all the same to me.’

Which of the tracks you have made is your personal favourite?

I’d probably have to say “Pray to the Gods” for one.  It’s kinda tech – trance but I love the progressiveness on that track, and it really Thumps at a club.  And Two; “Killahstep” I Love the wave shaping I did with this one.  It kinda gives you a taste of the control I have over sound waves in that track.  I’m really feeling that type of stuff too.’

DJ D3VIL – Pray to the Gods

DJ D3VIL – Killahstep


This next one is probably my favourite of his tracks.  It’s very dark with a deep bassline.  D3VIL’s production is top-notch on all of his tunes, I’m very much looking forward to hearing more…

Lastly we have ‘They call it…’.  I like the overall construction of this track and the sound bytes he uses are pretty cool.  Big respect to DJ D3VIL for the interview, I’ll post any new stuff he puts out on the website as soon as I get my hands on it.  Until then, be sure to show him your support!

I’ve got a long list of social media profiles and other stuff that he sent me…  You ready..?

Soundcloud; http://soundcloud.com/jonathandavidjonesii

Youtube; http://www.youtube.com/user/djdevil0000

Last FM; http://www.last.fm/music/DJ+D3VIL

Twitter; http://twitter.com/#!/DJD3VILMUSIC/

Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-D3VIL/186365652196

Verizon Media Store;


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PuppyKilla introduces… I KILLED KENNY

Hey readers.  After doing the interview with Prime a while back this guy Seany Bizzle added me on facebook.  After taking a look at his profile I noticed that he was one half of a duo called I killed Kenny.  I took a look at their stuff and decided that I had to get an interview from them.  These guys have been played on radio stations all over the country and are set to be BIG!  I’m lucky to have gotten this interview…  Here it is…

Name / Age: Seany Bizzle (21) & Barni Sparkes (19)

Location: Dartford

How did you guys get into music?

‘What a question.  How does anyone get into music anymore!?  For the pair of us I guess it started 2 or 3 years back when we’re djing individually at a small time ‘indie’ club night known as Clockwork Monkey.  I (Seany) can’t really remember how I ended up in the DJ booth, a combination of curiosity and bullshit, probably.  DJing was always something I was interested in but never really saw myself taking seriously back then.  Anyway, I was playing Clockwork Monkey week-in, week-out for over a year, then one day the head promoter and I fell out because of something really trivial.  I stopped DJing for the night, then Barni (who I didn’t even know at this point in time), filled my slot.  Suffice to say, the popularity of the night slowly began to fade with the dmise of the ‘indie disco’ and it inevitably deceased not long after.
Every cloud has a silver lining though, right?  As one door closed, another opened, one side stood myself, the other stood Barni.  Our paths had crossed previously, but we’d not really spoken much.  I knew that he was eager to progress as a DJ, and as I’m a little older, and had been DJing for slightly longer, it felt natural to take him under my wing and we could learn the process more in-depth together.
I’m rambling, the point is we were two amateur DJ’s, who bonded over a mutual love for electronic music.  We started DJing together, but nothing serious.  Next thing we know, we boh enrolled on the same Music Technology course at the local college.  I think that’s when we realised we should have a little crack at working together.  When college started we got into the production side of things, an area of music that was relatively new to the both of us.  Not many people know but when I killed Kenny was conceived we had 3 members, so a lot of credit has to go to the third persn for showing us the ropes.  We celebrate our first birthday later this month, considering we’ve only been producing tracks for little over 10 months we both feel quite proud of what we’ve achieved; we’ve supported some of the UK’s biggest acts in some of London’s top venues, and our popularity is growing with every track we make.
How you got into music!? I suppose the answer is by accident, and with a lot of luck.’

A little research reveals that these ‘top acts’ that they’ve supported include; The Maccabees, Late of the Pier, Micky Slim, Lee Mortimer, Myles Dyson, Michael Woods, Tek-One, The Midnight Beast and Example.  These guys don’t fuck about.

Who influences you?

‘Again, I’m a talker, I could ramble for ages, but I won’t.  We both love music as a whole, yeah it may sound cliche, but it’s true.  It doesn’t matter what genre, I actually don’t understand people that limit their musical horizons by only listening to certain styles.  However, in direct relation to the music we make the following artists are definitely people who aspire to – Foamo, A1 Bassline, Jack Beats, Mustard Pimp, Boy 8 Bit, Nero, Borgore, Lee Mortimer, Example, Hostage, Congorock, Black Noise, Last Japan, Drop The lime, AC Slater, Wolfgang Gartner, Fake Blood, etc etc etc.’

Which of the tracks you have made is your personal favourite?

‘One thing to definitely note about us is that we’re never happy with a finished product, until we’re making music that everybody is going hype for we probably never will be fully satisfied.  Having said that, we’re moving in the right direction, our newest project is always our favourite and most ‘polished’.   I think if you listen to our back catalogue (with one or two exceptions maybe) the standard of what we produce tends to sound better and more commercially viable with every track.
Our favourite track currently is our latest original production ‘Numba One Factor’.  It’s the only track we’ve ever made that we’re happy to play out in a set time and time again, we even used it in our latest promo mix.  That may not sound a lot, but for us it’s a big deal.  We’ve been truly overwhelmed by the support it has received, various radio stations and DJ’s have been playing it and sending us such kind messages and we really wasn’t expecting that response.  It’s a good feeling because we know we have so much more to offer in the future!’

So, I guess you want to hear their stuff right..?  Well, I’m not one to disappoint…

This first track is a remix of Does it offend you, yeah?’s song ‘We are the dead’.  This is the first track I listened to when I got onto their soundcloud, mainly because I’m a fan of Does it offend you, yeah? anyway.  These guys have done a brilliant job with the track…

Next up we have their latest creation ‘Numba one factor’.  An absolutely awesome electro tune, guaranteed to get any party jumping.  The production on this is incredible.  A totally solid track, I’m sure you’ll agree…

I killed Kenny – Numba one factor


Lastly we have I killed Kenny’s ‘cOctober Mix’.  It includes a snippet of their track ‘Numba one factor’ and loads of others.  It runs for just under an hour so it’s a huge listen but one that certainly won’t disappoint.  If you’ve got a bit of a party going on I definitely recommend putting this on in the background.  It’s a perfect Friday night build-up mix, it’ll get you ready to party, no doubt!

I killed Kenny – cOctober Mix

Be sure to check out their other stuff at http://soundcloud.com/i-killed-kenny

Also, support them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/ikkmusic


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