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PuppyKilla introduces… EKOE BEATS

No idea how I got talking to this guy…  I think he posted a link to his Soundcloud on my Facebook profile…  Possibly…  Anyway, however it happened, I’m glad I started listening to this guy.

Before we get into the serious interview shit, I HAVE TO DROP THIS.  I stuck it on my FB about an hour ago, but you ignorant fuckers probably didn’t listen to it.  As you will see, Ekoe states this as his favourite track but I just can’t wait to get you guys in on this…  Ms Dynamite ‘What you talking about – Ekoe beats remix’…

Whilst you’re appreciating the sickness of that track, take a look at what Ekoe has to say…

Name: Darryl Cashford

Age: 18

Location: London, England, UK

Thanks for doing this interview man.  So, how did you get into music?

‘I got into music through DJ’ing.  When I was younger I always wanted to be like my older brother and he wanted turntables at the time, so for my 11th birthday i asked my parents for turntables.  I was terrible at DJ’ing but thought i was the coolest kid on earth at the time.  It was when I hit the age of 13 that I was no longer satisfied with playing other peoples tracks, so I bought FL 6 and began to make my own tracks (if you could call them that).  Originally I was a Garage/ Grime producer and DJ and things stayed that way for a while.  My first encounter with dubstep was at a shop called “Urban Heights” in Medway.  They had a studio upstairs and whilst I was up there I heard Markomen working on his song “Is Weak” and from then my whole perspective on music was changed.  So that was what really made me change from Grime into Dubstep.  College also helped me develop my sound further when i ditched FL and picked up Reason and Cubase.  So all these were factors that got me into music I guess, because up until I started college I never really took it seriously.’

Which producers influence your music?

‘My main influences are Flux Pavillion, Diesel, Koan Sound, Borgore, Downlink, Reso, Depone and Tetsuo.  That being said, when I made my track “Perceptual Distortions” my influences were Karma and Pressa because they are quality at making those deep rollers and that’s what I wanted to get with that track.’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite?  Why?

‘My favourite one of my tracks has to be my remix of Ms Dynamite’s “What You Talking About”.  I think this is my favourite one of my tracks because I tried to put my own twist on the track and it came out better than I could ever have imagined.  I wanted it to sound like a club smasher but also try and have underground elements and basically appeal to everyone.  For me it has all my favourite elements of Dubstep, I’ve always loved that “Jump Up” vibe and I think that track portrays that.’

Any shout outs?

‘I want to give a massive shout out to Karma, Prime, Syntax-Error, Sly Vintage, Columns, Casp/ SoundKilla, Evo, Longplay, The Purp, Knowledge Is Power Promotion, Basshoven, The whole of the old Urban Heights Crew, FonJoster, All of the guys at UEL and all of the guys who have supported me from day! ‘

‘Also a massive shout out to PuppyKilla for this interview!’

There it is.  Big respect to Ekoe for getting back to me for the interview!  Now comes the best bit…  The tunes!  You’ve already heard the ‘What you talking about’ remix.  I wasn’t expecting anything too immense on that because it’s a pretty sick track as it is but the remix totally blew me away.  He’s actually manage to take an awesome track and then double the ferocity of it, not many people could do that.

Next up we have another remix.  It’s quite an old track but Ekoe’s brought it straight into 2010 with a dark, dirty dubstep restyle.  It’s Artful dodger and Craig David’s ‘Rewind’.  Now, you might think ‘What the fuck?’, I know I did, but seriously, this is sick…

Now for an original track…  This is filthy, trust me.  It’s called ‘Bass Face’.  It’s fairly simple but it goes in, fucks everyone up and gets out.  Best way.  There’s not much more to say on the matter…

Lastly we have another remix, it’s of The Purp’s track ‘Devil by the Duna’.  I picked this one out mainly because it’s very Borgore-esque.  A nice mix of hip-hop style vocals and filth…

Be sure to check out his other tracks and show some support!

Ekoe Beat’s Soundcloud

Ekoe Beat’s Youtube

Ekoe Beat’s Facebook

Take it easy, keep it filthy.



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