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PuppyKilla introduces… CRIMES!

No idea how I came across this guy but his unique style of filth has had me hooked since the first time I visited his Soundcloud page.  The interview reply he sent me was rather insane as you would expect of someone with so much dirt clogging his brain.  I’ve edited it a little but I’ve kept pretty much everything…

Name, age, location?

‘Chris CRIMES! Escobar, Hailing out of the sub-urbanized, zombie infested, sunny State of California.  24 Years young at the moment but it changes frequently.’

How did you get into music production?

‘I started with crappy put-it-together programs then a friend shot me with FL.  I started making hip hop, that was my first exploration of sound; MCing and making beats.  Scratching slowly evolved to diffrent styles of music; reggae dubs, house, even some indie band shit.  Then I heard dubstep and I kind of just stuck to it.’

Which producers influence you?  What inspires you to make music?

‘Producers that inspire me… Hmm… so much at the moment; Bar9, Nero, Numbernin6, Doc p, Phear Phace, Mark Instinct, Bare, Rusko, Dr Philth, the list goes on.  Basically The LA Dubstep scene inspires the shit out of me.  I’ll go to a monster show and come home, stay up all night just making music.  Graffiti, nightlife, zombies, aliens.  Anything apocalyptic, horror involved and bassy does it for me.’

Which of you tracks is your personal favourite? Why?

‘That’s a tough question.  I think it has to be ‘Lifes a bitch’ (forthcoming on hazerdous sounds UK).  Mainly because of the Nas sample I used,
I have a big hip-hop background and I love when I get to use a lot of classic material in my production.  Plus, the synths i used are gross.’

What have you been working on recently? Anything due for release?

‘I have alot due for release; ‘Ready to die’ coming on Collie connect, ‘Lifes a bitch’ and ‘RAW’ coming out on Hazerdous sounds.  I’m trying to get a Dinostep EP in the works, hopefully a label will like the idea and help me get it out (hint hint).’

Any shout outs you want to do?

‘Shout outs to Squitty, Bubbler, Dubstrash, Dubliminal, Us Dubstep, Bombeatz ink, Beyond Zilla, Serious War,  Grime Time, Merge… basically everyone who’s been supporting my ass; MUCH LOVE YOU FILTHY FUCKS!’

‘Lifes A Bitch And Then You Die, Thats Why We Get High, Cuz You Never Know When You Gunna Go.’ – Crimes!

So I’m guessing you guys want to hear the goods?  Well here’s his latest track, it’s free to download (visit his Soundcloud; link at the end of the piece) so make sure you get it!  The Darlek samples are awesome!  He’s got some cool futuristic sounds in there, similar to some of Diesel’s tracks.  Heavy tune..!

Now, I’m not really a fan of Hadouken but CRIMES! has done an awesome remix of their song ‘Driving nowhere’.  This was free to download but unfortunately the link has gone…  I’m sure if you visit his Soundcloud, send him a message and ask him nicely, he’ll sort you out.  Here’s the track…

Next up we have ‘Gutta’.  I’ve chosen this one because it’s got a classic hip-hop sample in it like the ones mentioned in the interview.  Plus, it’s fucking heavy.  The darkness of the drop is pretty unexpected seeing as the build up is fairly subdued…

Finally, here is some ‘Dinostep’.  CRIMES! is looking for a label to push this out on, so if anyone’s interested be sure to hit him up!  I’m sure we’d all love to hear more of this evil shit!  This is ‘Space dinosaurs with lasers coming out there mouth and shit’…  Awesome title…

Here are the links to his profiles!  Be sure to show him some support!

CRIMES! on Soundcloud

CRIMES! on Facebook

Take it easy, keep it filthy.



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