PuppyKilla introduces… MISTER SIX

I came across this guy whilst I was checking out a Belgian D’n’B producer called Sidelock.  I noticed that Mister Six had done a Dubstep version of his tune ‘Catharsis’.  I loved that tune and the others on his page.  Here’s what he had to say…

Name, age, location?

‘Joe Myers, 21, London and Lincoln UK’

How did you get into music production?

‘I started playing around with some software called Ejay that I got free with Golden Grahams years ago as a kid.  It was just dropping and re-arranging pre-made loops, but I loved it.’

Which producers influence you? What inspires you to create music?

‘I think when the guys on Rottun started making some big big tunes a couple of years back I really wanted to create a similar sound.  I guess that they inspired me to start making harder and darker Dubstep.  I get a lot of influence from artists like Spor, Katharsys and Amon tobin.’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite (and why)?

‘This is a tough question.  I think ‘They will destroy us’ was really the track that started things for me, but I like my recent stuff because it’s better produced. ‘

What have you been working on recently? Do you have anything due for release soon?

‘I’m working on a few new bits including a Drumstep/D’n’B remix of my new track ‘Fluid’.  I am planning on releasing an EP called ‘The Fluid EP’, but whether this is a free release or not we will have to wait and see…  The tracks will be ‘Fluid’, ‘Fluid Drumstep remix’, ‘Palipitations’ and a track featuring Lui V.  Become a fan of the Facebook page and you might get to grab it for free.’  😉

Any shout outs you want to do?

‘Shout outs to Kirkus, Steven from Squitty, Instigate, all of the guys from Chronos records and everyone else that is helping me or supporting me.’

For booking contact-


Catch me playing-

29th Jan 2011
Gent, Belgium

26th Feb 2011
Gent, Belgium

Here’s the ‘Catharsis’ remix I told you about.  I love the way the blips work so well with the deep sub-bass…

This next one is called ‘Internecine’.  The build up is long but the sub-bass is immense when it kicks in and the vocal samples are pretty awesome…

If you’ve checked out the Borgore money remixes below then you’re probably getting a bit sick of that tune but don’t skip this track.  Mister Six has done an awesome version, totally different to the others.  The bass is ridiculous and the vocal samples are well used.  Prepare to have your ass kicked…

Finally we have a preview of the track ‘Fluid’ mentioned in the interview.  I won’t pass judgement on it yet as it isn’t the final product but it’s pretty awesome.  Whether that EP turns out to be a freebie or not, it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be getting it..!

Head on over to his profiles to check out his other tunes and show him some support!

Mister Six on Soundcloud

Mister Six on Facebook

Mister Six on Youtube



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