PuppyKilla introduces… T VICIOUS

I came across this guy the other day when Youtube kindly recommended one of his tracks to me.  I was pretty f*cking impressed and after looking through his other tunes and finding them all to be of the same quality, I hunted his ass down and asked him to do this interview for me…
Name, age, location?

‘Tilo Hall, 18, Norwich (UK)’

How did you get into music production?

‘About 3 years ago I learned how to use Reason and started trying to make dodgy house and electro, it was alright but I wasn’t really feeling the genre too much.  Then one night I heard Cockney Thug at a party and I knew I wanted to produce dubstep!  I liked the half-time beat and heavy bass.’

Which producers influence you? What inspires you to create music?

‘Far too many producers to list here, haha!!  The main ones are people who are original and do things their own way like; KOAN Sound, Coki, Dream, Eptic etc.  Other music is the thing that inspires me the most, but I also produce mainly late at night which probably has an effect on my sound.’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite (and why)?

‘It’s usually the most recent one I’ve made, but one that still hits me hard is ‘Give Me What I Want’.  The vocals are nice and it always goes off at a rave!  I’m proud of the 2nd drop in that, it’s pretty different.’

What have you been working on recently? Do you have anything due for release soon?

‘Yeah, I’ve got my track ‘Ouch!’ dropping January 2011 on Play Me Too Records and an EP forthcoming on Krypled Brain Records soonish, plus collabs with Widelows, F3tch, Davr and Skumstep.  Also got the ‘Give Me What I Want’ Remix EP coming out early next year with some big names on remixing duties – definitely one to watch!!’

Any shout outs you want to do?

‘Massive biggups to Skumstep, 2face, Thorazine, Phanatik, Reid Speed, Sashwat, Davr, Widelows, The Chronos Badman Collective, TheFilthEffect, LennyStill & of course all the fans and followers!  Cheers for all the support.’

First up I’m going to give you the track that first got my attention.  This is T Vicious’ track ‘Ouch!’ which is coming out in January.  It has an almost odd-sounding intro but then Vicious drops a funny sample from the ‘Charlie bit me’ video, followed by deep bass-line and futuristic, arcade-style sound effects that really set it off…

Next up we have T’s favourite track ‘Give me what I want’.  Listen out for the second drop… Sick!

Finally we have ‘Let’s go’.  I picked this track because of the awesome hip-hop sample and also because it has been featured on Mistajam’s show on Radio 1Xtra.  Check it out…

Be sure to check out T’s Soundcloud and show the guy some love on the old Bookface 🙂

T Vicious on Soundcloud

T Vicious on Facebook

Peace.  PK.


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