PuppyKilla introduces… CYBEROPTIX

I came across this guy whilst gathering tracks from Youtube to go along with Chrispy’s interview.  His remix of Chrispy’s ‘Predator’ is brilliant and so after hearing it, I tracked him down…

Name, age, location?

‘Alex Epps, 20, Memphis TN/LA’

How did you get into music production?

‘A friend of mine introduced me to some of his music he made on Fruity Loops 5 and I was pretty impressed.  So I went home and downloaded the program and was hooked ever since.’

Which producers influence you? What inspires you to create music?

‘I really enjoy Liquid Stranger and Vaski in dubstep, but in other forms of electronic music I really dig acts like Tipper and Telefon Tel Aviv.   I get inspired by alot of different things, whether it be video games, current life issues, outer space, robots, Pokemon or even Dragonball Z.  :P’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite (and why)?

‘I dig on Toasty and Distress Signal alot, really tried to focus on doing some different stuff in those tunes.  (RIP Distress Signal).’

What have you been working on recently? Do you have anything due for release soon?

‘Right now I’m working on a brand new EP for Play Me Records, and I have some collabs with Liquid Stranger, Chrispy, and Quartus Saul coming too.  :)’

Any shout outs you want to do?

‘All my friends in Memphis and my select homies out west, and anyone whos ever pressed play on one of my tunes 🙂 you guys are the shit, cant tell you enough :)’

‘There’s always room to improve and no producer is perfect.  Stick true to what you want to make and what you want to hear and support this great genre of music that gets some of us up out of bed each day :)’

So here we have Cyber’s remix of ‘Predator’ by Chrispy that I mentioned before the interview.  The drop in this is vicious!  It took a little time to find the full version of this but it was totally worth it…

Next up we have ‘Geisha’.  This track is the one that really got Cyberoptix noticed, released on Play Me Records back in May, it reached number 1 for downloads on Beatport and remained in the top 5 for over a month.  A brilliant track, seamlessly fusing soothing backing sounds with an aggressive bass-line…

This next track is one of Cyberoptix favourites ‘Toasty’.  A slower-paced track with a healthy wobble.  There are some awesome sound-bytes from Mortal Kombat in here.  It’s always good to have something that strays from the beaten track a little bit…  This is one of those tunes…

Lastly we have another remix.  Less aggression in this track, more of a technical feel.  The progression being made in the genre is amazing and this remix of ‘Dinosaurs with guns’ really shows where we’re heading…

Cyberoptix on Soundcloud

Cyberoptix on Youtube

Cyberoptix on Facebook

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