PuppyKilla introduces… EVIL BASTARDS

A few days ago I was looking around for some new stuff to listen to and I came across these guys.  I took a little look at their Soundcloud page, picked a track and pressed play.  One minute later I was asking these guys for an interview.  Good timing it was too, as this interview coincides with the uploading of 7 new tracks onto their page, 3 of which are free to download.  It doesn’t get much better than that…

Name, age, location?

Timmy Tutone:  Tim, 26, Wichita, KS
GOODGAWD:  Trev, 26, Kansas City, MO

How did you get into music production?

Timmy:  I have played the guitar for almost 14 years.  About 10 years ago, my dad bought me Cakewalk guitar studio so I could record some songs I was writing on my guitar.  This was my first DAW.

GOODGAWD:  I only got into production about a year ago, when I bought an MPD and a midi keyboard and started playing around with Ableton Live.

Which producers influence you?

Timmy:  Probably my favorite electronic musician is Simon Posford from Shpongle/Hallucinogen.  I really like all of his work.  His songs go back and forth from dark and terrifying to peaceful and soothing.  He’s truly a master.  As far as dubstep goes, I really like 16 Bit, Skrillex, Bare, Excision, Datsik… the list goes on…

GOODGAWD:  I’m a big hip-hop fan, so a lot of my influences come from that, along with downtempo/trip-hop.  I got big into glitch-hop and through that discovered dubstep.  Some of my favorite producers right now are SKisM, 16bit, Matta, Ben Samples, and Mimosa.

What inspires you to create music?

Timmy:  Gloomy weather.  Thunderstorms.  Dank nugs.  Girls.
GOODGAWD:  Blue skies and sunshine.

Which of your tracks is your personal favorite? Why?

Timmy:  I really like our newest track… Still working on the title.  It has some soothing female vocals and then drops a gnarly wobble bass line.  I like soothing melodies over filthy bass lines.

GOODGAWD:  Have to agree on that one.  Very epic and grimy.

What have you been working on recently? Anything due for release soon?

Timmy:  We just finished a song last night actually… We will be giving away some free songs on our Soundcloud at the beginning of the year and booking gigs all over the Midwest during 2011.  Oh, and our debut EP was released last month on Stupid Fly Records, so make sure and pick that up!

Any shout outs you want to do?

Timmy:  Yeah big thanks to Qel-droma from Stupid Fly Records for helping us with our debut release!

GOODGAWD:  Thanks to Stupid Fly, DJ Always420, and our homies.

So first up is one of the new tracks, it’s free to download form their Soundcloud (link at the end of the piece) so get yourself over there and add it to your collection…  This is ‘Why’…

Next up we have the title track from there EP ‘The frightened’ out on Stupid Fly Records.  Nice empty sounding intro and a huge drop make for good listening…

This next track is definitely one of my favourites from these guys.  You can here the hip-hop influence on this track instantly.  It has real attitude for the first half and then later on develops into a Dubstep track of real depth.  Then it starts over.  This is a unique piece of work…

Finally we have ‘Yaw and order’, another track available for free download.  I could put up every single track from these guys but I chose this one as it was the first one I heard from them and the reason I asked them to do this interview for me…  Check it out…

Make sure you head over to Soundcloud and have a listen to the other tracks these guys have up…

Evil Bastards on Soundcloud

Also, show them some love on Facebook…

Evil Bastards on Facebook

Take it easy, keep it filthy.



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