PuppyKilla introduces… CEK

I stumbled across CEK’s music whilst scouring Soundcloud one day.  His sound instantly inspired me to track him down and grab an interview with him.  His distinctive bass sounds and the depth of his tracks set him apart from other producers.  He hails from Sweden and so you may never have heard his stuff before, if not, you’re in for a treat…

Name, age, location?

Daniel Asserson, 20, Södertälje Sweden

How did you get into music production?

‘The first time I heard Dubstep was about 3 years ago and I got hooked on the deep bass immediately.  After a while some friends of mine (Level67 and skevisk a.k.a sewerdiver) started making their own Dubstep and they asked me why I wasn’t doing it too, so I thought ‘why not?’ and ive been producing since that.’

Which producers influence you? What inspires you to create music?

‘My personal taste is the hard and dark Dubstep so I get some inspiration from people making that kind of music.  I also get inspiration from technical electronic music genres like IDM and dark ambient.  Everything with atmosphere and dark influences basically. ‘

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite (and why)?

‘I don’t know really, I get bored of my own tracks fast and I always try to get better with every track so I’ll say it’s the newest one.’

What have you been working on recently? Do you have anything due for release soon?

‘I’ve been producing new tracks and I recently started a collaboration project with Bratkilla.  I’m not used to working with other people so it will be fun to see how the final product will turn out.  Also, I’ve got an EP coming out on Dub cartel called ‘CEK vs BRATKILLA’ which includes two tracks from me and two from Bratkilla.  The release date isn’t set yet but I think it’s coming out early next year so keep locked.’

Any shout outs you want to do?

‘Yeah, big ups to the Dubcartel boys, Thorazine and Twoface for supporting our music and big ups to all the Swedish producers working on making great partys and great music.
Also, big ups to my clique the Södertälje massive crew and all the people supporting the Dubstep sound!’


He says that his newest track is his favourite because he’s bored of his older stuff, well I’m certainly not!  His latest tune ‘Evil thoughts and bad temperament’ is certainly a banger though..!

Next up is ‘Fuck this’.  I’ve chosen this mainly for the intro, he uses some cool sounds and the bass is really dark when it kicks in.  There’s an awesome sample before the drop and then BOOM!  Pure filth..!

‘Virus’ is the next tune I have for you.  Lots of futuristic sounds in the intro, building up to the drop where CEK comes hard and dark as always…

Finally we have ‘Just a scratch’.  The comment on the track at 1:21 says it all… ‘BOOM!’.  Nice build-up and then your ears get slammed with with pure filth.  You love it.

Get yourself onto CEK’s Soundcloud to hear more from this Swedish mastermind!

CEK on Soundcloud

Also, show him some love on Facebook…

CEK on Facebook

Interview with Bratkilla (mentioned in the interview) coming soon!



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