On a more serious note…

My interview with Ekoe Beatz will go up tonight!  Until then, I just want to ask you all to join http://www.beatbullying.org/bigmarch/.

I’ve been on there for a while now.  It takes no time at all to register and you can sign a petition which will be delivered to Downing Street at the end of the campaign to help young people get better protection against bullying.

I was reminded of this by a programme called ‘Can’t bully me’ (which you can find here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00w7pmj) that was on BBC3 when I got home in the early hours of this morning.  It is a hard-hitting documentary but it isn’t pushy or forced.  The impact is provided purely by the honesty of the young people that the programme is centred on.  One of these kids (a 14-year-old boy) can’t be left in a room on his own around people his own age because he is scared that they might attack him.  He is even scared to take a bus on his own.  Shocking.

The stories of the other children are just as terrible.  Especially considering that these are good kids, a couple of them are carers for ill parents.  Big respect to everyone at Red Balloon learner centres (http://www.redballoonlearner.co.uk/) who help to rehabilitate these children and prepare them for a return to mainstream school.

Take a look at the programme and sign up to The Big March.



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