PuppyKilla introduces… SISYPHUS

I heard about this guy by talking to Prime (check out Prime’s interview here).  I took a look at some of his tracks on Youtube and for some reason they have very few hits.  I couldn’t understand it as although some of his tunes seem a little simple, there are also some absolute bangers mixed in there.  I got in touch with him, asking all the usual questions and this is what I got back…

‘My name is Will Rees, I’m 19 and I’m from South East London, but I’m currently at Sussex university.

I’ve been writing songs since I was 12 and producing all different genres since I was 15.  Whilst I haven’t produced dubstep in a while, I’ve been working on a more ambitious project, which is still needing vocals.  I’d be very greatful of course if my name was spread.  My favourite dubstep song is Euphoria, but there is more to be heard here:


A personal favourite is Lost In My Own Little Galaxy, my flatmate did the guitar solo for me and we’re both very proud of how the track turned out.
I’d like to shout out to Prime, who is a fantastic dubstep producer, and actually is my best friend.
That’s all I can say for now, so thanks very much.


I was going to post the two tracks mentioned by Will but they’re not really like his other stuff and don’t really fit in with the usual stuff I post on here, so I changed my mind…  Ok, so the real reason is that WordPress was pissing about and wouldn’t let me embed Soundcloud tracks on here for some reason, but shhhh.  Screw you WordPress.  Follow the link included in Will’s piece to hear them.

This is the track that really caught my eye.  It’s called ‘Withoutness’ and it was posted onto Youtube back in April.  For some reason this has only clocked 73 views in 7 months.  I have no idea why, it is awesome!  It’s got an Electro-style backing and a fairly simple sounding beat but then this unmistakably Dubstep bassline kicks in and just takes the track to another level…

Next up is ‘Clouds’.  A very soothing track, more D’n’B.  It’s very relaxing but still bouncy (if you get me?)…  Jesus, just listen to it…

The last two tracks are going to be everyone’s favourites, I know they are.  That’s why I’ve saved them.  ‘Up’ comes next and has the best quality production of the lot.  It’s nothing particularly special but you just can’t help nodding your head.  This could definitely be remixed into a much dirtier track but it’s pretty cool as it is…

Lastly, we have ‘Pussy’.  This is the one that is going to catch everyone’s eye (or ear).  It has a dirty name and vocal sample in the intro which always amuses the 15 year old kid trapped inside us all.  It also includes a sample of a woman moaning which is… nice?  The bassline is much darker than the other tracks and this has quickly become my favourite track from Sisyphus…

There we have it.  How this guy only has 19 Youtube subscribers is beyond me….  The link is below, get locked in.




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