PuppyKilla introduces… KIDNAP AND RANSOM

Hey all.  These guys approached me on Youtube today asking me to check out their page.  I’d never heard of them before, so I took a look.  I am so glad that I did, I’m now subscribed to their channel.  Listening to their tracks it was hard to believe that these guys have only been producing for around 6 months.  I asked these guys to do a little interview for me and they replied within the hour.  It’s not the most in-depth response I’ve ever had, these guys seem pretty laid-back when it comes to their music but they have definite talent!

Name:  Nathan Bougourd (Kidnap) & Jason Jordan (Ransom)

Age:  21 and 19

Location:  Guernsey, Channel Islands

How did you guys get into music?

‘Just started listening to dubstep and thought we’d give it a go.’

Influences / Inspirations?

‘Caspa, Rusko, Mt Eden, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Datsik’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

‘Metric – Satellite Mind remix’

Any shout outs?

‘Shoutout to Neucore, Graphic Drea and Jonathan Ross for being so supportive’

…And that’s it.

The music is the important thing though right?  Looking through the posts on their Facebook page, ‘Sattelite Mind’ is also a big favourite with their fans, so I’ll put that up first!

This next one is another track that everyone was raving about on their Facebook page.  It’s called ‘Bliss’ and it’s a pretty solid, fairly simple Dubstep track.  The production is first-class, this was put out 3 months ago so it’s a pretty early track…

Lastly, is my personal favourite of the tracks that I have heard so far.  It’s also their latest track, put up only 5 days ago.  It’s a remix of InContext’s ‘Just Believe’.  Again, the production is incredible.  The vocal sample is brilliant and fits in nicely with the rest of the track.  These guys definitely deserve to be noticed and I have a feeling that  it won’t be long until they are…

Be sure to ‘Like’ their page on Facebook: Kidnap and Ransom

Also, subscribe to their Youtube channel: Kidnap and Ransom


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