PuppyKilla introduces… BLYNK

Short and sweet this one.  I didn’t get a huge amount of information back from Blynk after I got in touch with him, even though he was very helpful and supportive.  I suppose his music speaks for itself.  This is what I got anyway…  Enjoy.

Name: Sam Pemberton aka ‘Blynk’
Age: 19
Location: Manchester
How did you get into Music?
‘I’ve always been around music since i was young, my dad was in the industry so I guess it was inevitable that I would follow in his footsteps.  I started making my own music when i got into hip-hop about 5 years or so ago, and I have not stopped since!’
Who influences you?
‘As far as my style of music goes im really into James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Dom Hz, Lung, Burial, Kode9, Caspa, Nero, Four Tet, dBridge, Instra:mental, Genotype, Goldielocks, Magnetic Man etc.’
Your favourite tracks and why?
‘Right now I don’t really have any ‘favourite’ tracks but I’ve been blasting out a lot dBridge & Instra:mental stuff recently, i really like that sound they have.’
Anything else?
‘Make sure everyone watches out for my upcoming releases coming in the new year on Rankadank Records and a free EP off Rub The Ego.  I’m also working on a number of other projects, so make sure you’re following me on Soundcloud/Twitter and keep in touch :)’
There we go.  I told you it was short and sweet.  He missed out a couple of questions, but I’ll let him off.  Now, to the important stuff…  The music.
Blynk has a fairly unique sound.  It’s dub, and it’s kinda filthy… but kinda chilled too.
First up we have a remix of Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass out’.  Big tune when it was first released but it got over-played and old pretty quick.  Blynk takes it to a whole new level with this remix…
Ha ha.  This next one is down in the category of  ‘Cinematic experimental dub’.  I couldn’t put it better myself to be honest.  It’s not the usual stuff.  On the first listen it could possibly sound a little boring.  Even though it sounds almost simple, you hear a new sound each time you play it.  Fantastic track…  This is ‘Stalker’.
Lastly, we’ve got a remix of  ‘Fire on the mountain’ by Skillz.  Really deep, dark bass and haunting vocals create a really chilled out listening experience…
Be sure to follow Blynk on twitter and check out his other tracks on soundcloud…


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