PuppyKilla introduces… BLUNTSTEP

I was listening in at FilthCabin a few nights ago and this guy ‘Bluntstep’ was on the air.  His mixes were amazing, so I added him on Facebook and managed to get in touch with him.  I asked him the usual questions and he sent me a reply via e-mail.  Now, for the first time I received a reply that needs absolutely no editing, I’m not even going to add in the questions this time, I’ll just let him get on with it…

‘Alright well, my name is Nicolas Mrozowski, i’m 22 years old and I live in the western part of Belgium! I was born with a pair of headphones, so my life has been filled with music since day 1.

I discovered the typical UK dubstep sounds a couple years ago, thanks to heroes such as Skream, Benga, Digital Mystikz, Breakage, Reso, Rusko & Caspa (Fabric Live #37 times!), Headhunter, Kromestar and so many talented others. Then when the mechanical sounds entered the world of Dubstep, I quickly got sucked into it and I’ve been mixing those tracks ever since.

My biggest influence dubstep-wise would have to be Reso. His productions amaze me every time I hear them! Other than that I really enjoy listening to some post-rock or alternative. Names like Mogwai, Mice Parade, Radiohead and Tool pop up in my head right now, but there’s so many more.

I’ve been trying to produce a couple tracks myself, but haven’t reached the level I want to before publishing any tracks. I keep it to mixing for now, as I really enjoy it and I want to promote the artists I support and love!

Tracks that’ll never leave my recordcase are Reso – Otacon, Caspa & Rusko – Rock Bottom, and… Nostalgia’s Muse-remix? It’s such a good crowdpleaser!

I’ve recently posted a new part of Chronicles, which is a series of (free!) mixtapes that I’m doing, so be sure to check that out.

Lots of respect and love to all the amazing artists I’ve gotten to know on the road. Would also like to add a special shoutout to the whole crew at Filthcabin, where I do a weekly show every Tuesday from 7-9PM EST! (www.filthcabin.com)’


www.facebook.com/bluntstep (personal fb)
www.facebook.com/bluntstepmusic (page)

All of his music and information can be found by clicking the links above, be sure to show him some support because this guy is incredible!

Since his mixes are all very long, I’ll include just one to show you just how good he is…  This is his latest release ‘Chronicles Part 2’.  Crank this up tonight and start your Friday night madness with a bang!



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