PuppyKilla introduces… SOUNDSONIC

I don’t actually remember how I came across Soundsonic…  I do remember that it was on Facebook however, it was possibly because he was friends with Pote who did an interview for me last week…  Anyway, I got in touch with him and he agreed to do an interview himself…

Name: Rhys Gaster
Age: 18
Location: Ashford, Kent, England.

How was it that you got into music production?

‘Well I grew up in a very MultiGenre family, from boy bands that my Sister listened to, to Dance music which my Mum was into.
From a very early age I started getting into Drum and Bass, the likes of Goldie, early Chase And Status, Dj Hype and Skream.
Since I was about 13 I wanted to be a DJ or producer, but it wasn’t until about a year ago I started playing around with software, making a couple of beats and mixing a little. Then about 4 months ago after getting huge views on my mash up mixes on Youtube and Soundcloud, I was taken on by the mighty FILTH.FM Dubstep station as a DJ weekly and ever since then I have been mixing my stuff on there.’


‘Well, like, I mentioned; Goldie, Chase and Status, Benga, Skream, Tek-one, Bar9, Modified motion, Nero, Shockone, DJ Fresh, Camo & Krooked…’
Any shout outs?

‘Well I Guess I Can Shout Out To The Boss At FILTH.FM; Tom Webb, big up that dude for taking me on.  And shout out to everyone, including my friends that have influenced me and supported me musically…  And thank you PuppyKilla for having me :)’

Which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

‘Well, I’ll give you two… An actual track of mine and a Mashup one…’

This first one is an original track – Bad Guy!

And next we have a ‘Mashup’ – Red Light District

Soundsonic is actually better known for his mixes as this is what he does on a regular basis on Filth.FM.  Personally, I prefer this to his original stuff.

Be sure to check out his radio show on Filth.FM at 8pm (GMT) on a tuesday night!

Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/SoundSonicUk




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