PuppyKilla introduces… PRIME


Real Name: Harry
Age: 19
Location: Live in Dartford, go to Essex Uni though.

So, how did you get into music?

‘I got into music by playing the piano, I started lessons when I was like 10 or something and slowly got better and better because I was passionate about it. Then, when I was starting secondary school, I found bought some Cakewalk software after seeing it in a music shop and thinking it can’t be hard to make music.  So took it home and messed around with it for a few years until I started making actual songs when I was about 15/16.   I moved onto Fruity Loops (as it was called then) and slowly got more used to the process. And finally, I moved onto Reason in the Sixth Form where I really started getting the hang of production. In the in-between years, I learned the guitar and a little bit of drums as well, which really helps.’

What are your influences?

‘I’m influenced by so much it’s unreal, I find I incorporate nearly everything I hear, I try to take the best of everything and cram it in.    I like Muse’s early stuff (their stuff now is just shocking).  I’m talking Origin Of Symmetry, the harp stuff they had going on is probably my biggest influence, like in Bliss. Then I like Radiohead’s chilled-out-ness.  I love the weird sounds they have which are made to sound normal, the odd time signatures, etc. yet it just flows.  Also, their chord patterns are top notch.  Then I like a bit of Rage, a bit of heavy rock.   I find that the breakdowns in metal songs can relate to dubstep really well, in the half-time, the power, and the rhythm.  Then, I like classical piano, to listen to at home, it’s just so calming.  Same with jazz and funk.  My parents influenced me with their jazz, soul, funk and motown choices.  My mum played Dream Warriors all the time and danced to it when she was pregnant with me, so maybe that kicked it all off?’

Anyone you want to give a shout-out to?

‘Shout outs go out to Strata (my partner in crime), Sisyphus, ExtraDot, OhMyDitty, and all my fans and supporters so far.’

‘I’m gonna break into this industry one way or another but the thing that is CERTAIN is that the people help me get there, so a massive cheers.’

There we have it.  Harry pretty much wrote all that for me himself, which saved me a lot of time.  I’ll have to ask all of my future interviewees to submit their reply in essay form too 😉

I’ll leave it up to Harry to pick the first track…

‘My favourite track is Snake Charmer Swagger because it’s just so precise. It’s weird, I dunno why I like it,  just, you can’t not nod your head to it, you know?’

Fair play…

Next up we have one of his latest tracks.  This is the first tune I heard from Prime and the reason I approached him.  I like it because the build up is immense and then the drop goes in a direction that is totally unexpected…  Listen and you’ll understand.

Prime – Unity

This next one I’ll call ‘Epic’.  I don’t throw that term around loosely so you know that this is going to be good.  It’s almost half D’n’B and half Dub.  It’s not a short track (just over 8 and a half minutes) but every second is worth listening to.  Some amazing sounds are used, including my personal favourite generic dubstep sound; the one that sounds like someone burping backwards into a vocoder (you’ll know when you hear it).  Notice the change of pace around 5 minutes in… Awesome.

Prime – Mayan Future

For fans of the darker stuff give this one a listen.  I can’t describe it any better than Prime does himself…  Open the video on Youtube and read the description…

Prime – Bump in the night

This one nearly wobbled my head off my shoulders.  Powerful track, it’s pretty much just you, the drums and the deep, resonating bass the whole way through.  Love it.

This is one of Prime’s first tunes.  Amazing track, love the sound clips in it.  He says; ‘One of the first tunes I wrote, back in the day, but back then I hadn’t grasped my style, or solved the EQing.  Listened back and decided it was such a tune that it needed to be in full proper 320 style glory. Viola.’ – Good call.

Prime – The Muffin Man

I could post each and every one of Prime’s tracks up on here but I’ll leave you to discover the rest for yourself… bar this one.  Something a bit different, some chilled D’n’B…  Wait for the break-down at 3.38, gets a bit Dubby there, absolutely spot on.

Prime – Chemical Reactions

Big thanks to Prime for letting me do this piece.  Hope you all enjoy his music.

Be sure to check out his other stuff at; http://www.youtube.com/user/primitivedubstep

Until we meet again…




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7 responses to “PuppyKilla introduces… PRIME

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  2. This interview is sick. Prime is sick. Your blog is sick. You are sick…
    Wow. Passing this along to my brother in NY, he’s a huge Prime fan.

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