… you are GASSED!

JME’s new album is BIG!!  He’s got some fresh beats, some dancey / dubsteppy things going on.  The lyrics are classic JME, agressive, funny as fuck, quotable lines.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that BLAM is the best grime album of 2010.  JME has taken it to another level, buy the album now!!

I could post every tune from the album up here… but I won’t.

This is my personal favourite… I’m the best (instrumental by Rude Kid)



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9 responses to “#IfYouHaventGotBlamYet

  1. Total respect puppy killer your interviews are top and im a big fan. im going to usa on tues 16nov and ill try to spread the word over there!

  2. Cheers Elliot, glad you enjoy the content! Yeah man, get the word spread over in the USA 😉 Ha ha. You Lydia’s brother??

  3. Elliot

    yeah mte, how you know lydia? im in usa at min and your site is keeping me going i swear!!

    • I know her from school pal, I used to have a mad crush on her. lol. How are things over in the states? Hope it’s all going well mate. Got some exciting things coming up, probably be Wednesday before I get them out though. Make sure you keep checking back 😉

      • Elliot

        HaHa thats mad to me!!! yeah its pretty different over here and ive bin listening to ur site alot mate, im a uber fan! lol
        Im back in uk on sat but ill defo b checking out the site all week anyway.
        Keep up the good work mate and take it e z

  4. You’re back on Saturday? Sick of them crazy Yanks? lol. I’ll have a new interview up tonight, it’s going to be sick, the guy has some quality tunes. Enjoy your last couple of days in the States!

  5. Ha ha. I didn’t manage to get that interview up last night, I was really busy getting pissed after work 😉 It’ll go up tonight though. lol.

  6. Elliot

    just checked it out mate and ur right that new guy is it ekoe? it sick uber sick!

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